Gourmet Wild Mushroom Soup 法式蘑菇汤 1kg/pkt
Gourmet Wild Mushroom Soup 法式蘑菇汤 1kg/pkt soup Ready Food Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Wholesaler, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | Ocean Pacific Seafood & Meat Sdn Bhd
RM 8.50
250 g
我们的蘑菇汤采用4~5种新鲜的蘑菇(shitake mushroom,fresh buttonmushroom,oyster mushroom,Straw mushroom)再用上我们精致的鸡汤,浓郁香醇的奶油与蘑菇的风味组合在一起确保富含优质的营养且不添加任何防腐剂,以新鲜食材制作而成一包包美味的蘑菇汤。只需加热就可享用!

Our mushroom soup uses 4 to 5 kinds of fresh mushrooms (shitake mushroom, fresh buttonmushroom, oyster mushroom, and Straw mushroom) and then uses our exquisite chicken soup. The rich and mellow cream and mushroom flavor are combined to ensure that it is rich in high-quality nutrition Without adding any preservatives, a pack of delicious mushroom soup is made with fresh ingredients. Just heat it up and enjoy!

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